PUBNAT2 - GA residents


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Belles and Beaus alike,

I think it would be nice for us to keep track of each other during this journey. I can't say I've been a part of a board where there are so many people from Georgia . . . especially since this is a nationwide opening, attracting any and everyone.

I know we all do a good job coming together to keep everyone informed about our status involving this lengthy process. Maybe we, as southerners, if going to the same PEPC, can come together too.

Any takers?


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Yeah im with you but I highly doubt ill get into ATL with my qualified score, most likely not even FL. We will see and hopefully I will go somewhere.


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I'm from Florida? Does that count :X lol.. I know you georgia folk think Florida is just yanks in disguise though. I'm like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster though.. I was actually born in FL :X


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If you're a GA resident, you count. Doesn't matter where you're from. ;-) I was born in Alabama, but raised in GA . . . no big deal.

That's awesome we've got several people so far. And maybe I should be more concise:

Those of us who live in Georgia that would like to get together when going to PEPC should post in here.


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That's kinda what I'm goin' for on this thread: for those of us that live in and around Atlanta, but mainly in GA, to get together sometime around the same time for PEPC - maybe even see who will be flying to NY or LA or wherever it may be. I used to live in Alpharetta ( for about six months when I moved up here ).

Do they even offer a PEPC here in the Atlanta area? I've seen some posts that have mentioned a PEPC in Memphis ( and that would ideal, honestly ), but I've read the other posts dealing with NY & LA in October and November. Don't get me wrong, it'd be wonderful to go to NY for the fall, but it's not exactly money I'd like to spend, ya know? It's money I can save up in case I'm chosen for a position in Colorado. ;-)

Is anyone else who lives in GA choosing a different state ( and yes, when I say different, I mean one that is outside of the South )? Is anyone going to the Northeast ( New England ) area? How about West? Maybe more central North?