Pubnat 4 & 5


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I'm in Pubnat 2, but i'm looking for some info for a buddy who's applied for both pubnat 4 & question is, have they begun to send out emails yet for either of these for the ATSAT yet? Any info on these would be helpful, thanks!


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It'd probably be wise for him to just keep checking ASAP for his authorization notice if he's concerned about missing the email


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This is why sub forums won't work with this crowd - how many threads about these announcements are in the sub forum above? Countless...


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It would if were broken out like this... ;)
You.... are insane. :panic:

They aren't even clicking on the two subforums we have now... imagine if we gave them even more subforums to look through?! Don't even joke. That would be so horrible... for us :crazy: