PSA Negotiations '09


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Anyone heard from the union which order of importance they are negotiating this year? I know they had some online ballot for the pilot group. Not sure if the results came out yet or not. And when do official negotiations begin?
Have you signed up with ALPA yet?

If not, contact the furlough coordinator, and he can help you with that since you are furloughed.
There is no public official order. You really don't want the company to know what is important do you?
Not that this pertains to notiations. But latest word from people in ground school, company had plan this month to bring 10 people back. But due to some re thinking it did not happen. However after speaking with the furlough coordinator it sounds like Rachel told him and others they very well could need 4-5 people back if things remain as they are now. Now I'd love that number to be 8 but I'd take 4-5 of my classmates back on line.

Now for the haters out there saying people arent flying 75 hours, that may be true. But many out there on rsv that I have spoken with are indeed flying a lot. Many are sick of being on Hot RSV every other 3 days as well. We shall see.
I think if we didnt have a 200 and a 700 rotating through the heavy mainx cycle ("C check"??) they might have been bringing back a few now.

That was one plausible scenario I "heard" about. Hope you all get back real soon.