Process to Upgrade 3rd Class to 2nd Class Medical


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Can anyone please advise on the correct and most expeditious process for obtaining a 2nd class if I obtained a 3rd class about six months, ago? I was myopic at the time and didn't consider an aviation career. I've now opened my horizons and considerations.

I contacted my AME's office. They advised me to contact the FAA. Questions please:
  • Can my same AME just issue a 2nd class?
  • Or do I submit a MedXpress application and visit the same or different AME?
  • Or do I contact the FAA?
Thanks in advance.


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First read the Medical standards in part 67 and see if anything is likely to trip you up.
I do not know why you need a 2nd class medical but you may consider getting a 1st class medical as long as you are doing it.

usually you will have to apply for a new medical complete a new MedXpress application and have a new exam. I do not know why the AME's office said to contact the FAA, whomever you spoke to probably just wanted to get you off the line.