Problems keeping logged in


Antisocial Monster
Is anyone else having a problem of never being able to be kept logged into the forum? Are the cookies screwed up on the server?


John Herreshoff
nope; try deleting the cookies and re getting them.

Or getting them again. or something
Did that once, then I did it again, and it worked on the third time. Kinda weird eh?


John Herreshoff
If you are taking those quick links things, yes I am having that trouble too, but just go to the forums thing the normal way and i have no trouble.
Lets put it this way. The authors of this forum software are brilliant, but they're enormous geeks and and presume that the average forum layman knows enough to occasionally delete his/her cookies to enhance their login.

I'm not too happy with Infopop, but I know nothing about MySQL/PHP/Action Script programming so I'll have to "deal".