Probably Last Checkride: ATP Complete


Frank N. Beans
This whole forum has helped me to get where I am today, so thank you to everyone who is still here and who have decided to leave. I completed my ATP part 61 in a Duchess a few days ago, and it will probably be my last ride. My dreams began as a kid wanting to be an airline pilot, changing during 9/11, changing back shortly after, changing again after going to Erby Diddle Airplane School and has followed a path I never thought I'd find myself in.

I've CFI'd for over 1000 hours and flown aerial photo/mapping, but my preferred job pretty much doesn't exist as I'd like to be home often/every night (Surf Air is not working out). I've come to the limit with flight instruction, so I must move on to something else.

In the end, I appreciate all the very eye opening threads with extremely valuable input from seagull B767Driver and tgrayson on aerodynamics. Derg jtrain609 wheelsup EatSleepFly ready2fly and bike21 for their contributions on their lives while flying larger airframes. Thanks to jonnyb (and that red jet) Mike Lewis for their extremely input on how to get somewhere. norcalpilot25 jedipilot trafficinsight shtwinds Cal Goat for their help and support over the years.

And thanks to everyone else here for making the community what it is. If I ever have another ride, my guess is it will be in a hot air balloon.
There are those of us who are in jobs where it's going to be a big decrease in jump over to flying for a regional. Go get that ATP and you'll have it incase you ever want to use it. What do you plan on doing?
Congrats! I assume that the many times I allowed you to drunkenly pee on my fence contributed to this milestone. :bounce:

Seriously though, I wish you'd come join the Mormon Air Force. Wouldn't take very long to get a schedule that would have you home most nights.