Private Pilot Checkride

Keefe Overby

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I have a checkride scheduled for 12-03-2008.:)Ive been training since 2004,and I took a year and a half off (due to lack of funds),ive been struggling to pay as I go,I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS has taken many hours of recurrent training to get me ready for this checkride,and I had to take my written test again(I barely passed),and I had to get a new 3RD CLASS MED CERT. You basicaly have to study more and fly more:rolleyes:.If i could have done it over I would have got a loan.


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yeah a loan is a great idea.... HERE we go... this should be fun. The other day I was talking to a friend who bartends at a mexican restaraunt and he took an application from an xpress jet guy who wanted to bus tables.... NICE. My new take is that I like to ski and surf and travel. I don't want a family. I don't want debt. I still like this website for the pictures. yup.


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Pay as you go is possible. You need to have patience and of course, you still need to be able to afford to pay as you go. One of the more challenging aspects is studying after a long days work - and you don't have to pay for that!!
I started in May 07 and am currently working on the commercial. I have 205 hrs in the book. That's an average of 2.5 hrs a week flight time, and I only fly on the weekends. Some weekends I got to fly 6 hrs, others none. I have about 100hrs dual flight.
I have spent $5K on "non flight or instruction" costs (that includes books, supplies, headset, GPS, medical, security clearance even my subscription to flying magazine!).
It's been challenging but I stay within my limits.


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Good luck with your checkride!! Big step for ya. I ran out of money too but hopefully I'll have enough to finish up my commercial in Jan. Anyway just make sure you know your stuff and you'll do fine. Let us know how it goes.


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It's a smart idea to make sure you have the funds. I payed as I went, no loans and got all my license up to CFI in two years.


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I started my training in Oct of 2003 and finished in April of 2007.
I finished with 41 hours, not including the time for the ride.

Pay as you go is possible and reasonable for some. I'm on the other end of the spectrum, though.

I tried to get a loan for the rest of my training (sans ATP) and it was going to cost me about $160,000 in the end for $52,000 of training, due to the interest on the loan. That's on good credit with a co-signer with good assets and credit. Research it first before you claim loans are a good way to go.

Most importantly:

In any case, you need to decide what's best for you, but as of right now, I'd say a loan is not the best option.

Keefe Overby

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its all money,no matter the way you look at it,sure if you have your ducks in a row to fly through pay as you go its OK but if you want to get done in a short amount of time(like before your 100)then getting a loan would be wise,and yes interest is very high now and these days but thats not my fault that the credit system is a big scam to take your money then take even more....dont beat me up on this because you cant get a loan on low interest.


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Congrats bud, I am working on mine now and hopefully be doing my check ride in April..Also paying as I go doing 2hrs a week flying so I am in good shape I believe:rawk: