Private checkride passed!


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Passed my Private checkride yesterday, after 19 months and 86 hours (long story).

The oral was about 2 hours and focused a lot on aeromedical factors, airspace, and minimum equipment lists.

The checkride itself was 1.6 hours and had me divert to an airport I'd never been to before. My instructor and I went out and tried to hit all the possible diversion airports along my xc route, but we didn't hit this one since it was 25NM off my route. I had no problem finding it though. We did short field landing and takeoff there.

After the diversion, we did steep turns, slow flight, stalls, engine out, ground ref, then unusual attitudes & instruments stuff. He had me track the localizer back into the airport and finally we did a soft field landing. After taxiing back to the hangar, he congratulated me and went in for paperwork.

I was really nervous about this checkride...esp since I'm my instructor's first signoff for the checkride. But, it all turned out in the end and I'm now a Private Pilot. On to Instrument training after the holidays...
I trained for the last 50 or so hours at Brett. MTN is a great place to fly out of but not the best place to train since you have to go 20+ nm away from the field to get out of the ADIZ. My training flights averaged 1.5-1.6 hours as opposed to an hour or so at my old FBO in Texas.

I start instrument training this evening. I'm pretty pumped!