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My dads friend is a CFI and he is willing to train me practically for free. I was looking at some FBO sites and the ones that are part 141 say there school requires less hours then a part 61 school to get your ratings. Now what would a private CFI work under?

Also, has anybody worked with the Cessna CBI kit. Is that worth picking up?
Part 61 . The CBI kit seems pretty expensive. I just read the FAA manuals that's what got me though my private at Sierra Academy. But if you're busy and short on time maybe computerized instruction is best!
It's really not that big of a difference. I'd say go part 61. I got my PPL at a 141 or 61 academy and I went 61. It's more flexible, and almost everyone goes over the 40 hour requirements. It's only a 5 hour difference and my guess is it's going to take you more than the 40 hours required by part 61.

I haven't seen the Cessna CBI. I bought the Jeppessen PPL book and it was pretty good. Not bad reading and lots of pictures. I'd reccomend it.
I've used the Cessna kit, and really like the flexibility it gives me to do my "ground school" whenever it's convenient for me. Good reference materials, and the book is very straightforward and easy for a beginning pilot to understand without getting frustrated. The Jepp manual is very good also, but the Cessna kit is tops in my book.

Do you have to get a new kit for every new rating you get, I figured for 300$ I was getting it all, not just the private ground school instruction

So far, its been great to work with
I second what Chunk said... the AFH is a great resource. Besides, you'll quickly find out that once you start your CFI training, you won't have *enough* books.
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Get the Airplane Flying Handbook by the FAA....we use it heavily here at FSI...

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Yeah... plus it's funny to show to your friends when you're heading out for a flight because it just says, "Airplane Flying Handbook" on the cover. Well, it's funny to me anyway...

It's actually a really good book written in plain english that's easy to follow. Who would have known that something the FAA wrote could be plain?

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I like the Jeppesen series of training manuals, but they are pretty pricy. Most of my FBO students used The Complete Private Pilot published by ASA (not the airline). William Kershner's books are also great and reasonably priced.

The FAA books are probably not the best for a new student. The do give the FAA interpretation of many things and are very detailed, but often they are not well written and, if you can believe this about a government manual, are drab and often boring. Not to mention the fact that you have to buy about half a dozen FAA books to get the information covered in one private sector manual.