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I'm really considering attending UND even though I hate cold WX. The advantages outweigh the downsides. Anyway, I'm in the military right now working towards my instrument rating. By the time my service here is done I shall have my Commercial Multi. My question is, does UND credit prior flight experience towards any of the flying degrees? I've heard of schools only crediting flight experience up to the Private ticket and that's it. pretty unfair i think. I'm interested to know because if UND does credit thos prior flight experience then it can save me some money.
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The answer to your questions is "yes and no" You will recive some credit for your ratings, however you will be required to complete a "test course" wich is a abrevated version of the full PPL and COMM. I am not exactly sure how much you will have to do, or what you will get credit for.

I suggest you get ahold of the "Student Services" office at UND aerospace. Ask for Ken Polovitz. He is the head of that department and can answer your question better than I can. You can reach Ken through our website UND Aerospace Home Page Click on "prospective students" Then on "Student services" There you will find a email address or a 1-800 number to call.

Any other questions please let me know.

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I'm kind of in your same situation, but I only have the private and that is the only test course I need. What you will need is college credit for all of the ground schools you have passed. About your flight ecperience, if you have a commercial they will waive the private, but you will still need to do your instrument there. I heard it's hard to transfer in the instrument becasue of the way the classes are arranged. the commercial nad the instrument is combined. But the best thing to do is contact amy helmsted or Idonna ... @ 1800 258 1525
I was jsut wondering if you have had experience in a piper, and what certif/ratings you hold. I came to UND with my private and thsi last week I realized how much I do not know. IF you only have your private it will be well worth it to take the test course, assuming you have 141 ground credit. There are a lot of policies and procedures that UND has that you need to get used to.