Printing your Online Logbook


Guppy gear swinger
I am starting to put all my flights into LogTen Pro and let me first off just say that the program is amazing. Well worth the money.

Secondly the binders they try to point you out to buy cost another 110 dollars plus 40 for the paper. My question is anyone that prints out their online logbook do you have a source of cheaper paper and logbooks and will LogTen print the logbook back to back like how a professional logbook is?

Thanks for the answers in advance.
I never have printed my logbook. Don't really see the point.

Do you have the full version of LogTenPro? I have an iPhone but no mac, not sure if it is worth it.

Very happy with
My handwriting is sloppy and I am looking at starting an electric logbook w/ printouts as my main with another written one as my backup.
I printed my Logbook Pro logbook for my expressjet interview. I followed Captain_Bob's advice and brought the file to kinkos (in preparation I made it look how I wanted, gave it a cover page, and converted it to a pdf file). They put it on nice paper, put a cover on it, cut it down to the right size, and spiral bound it for like $10. Looked great.