Prince William Sound


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This is my first post here and I thought a fair way to introduce myself would be to share a few of the views I've been enjoying from the window of my '67 C150.

This is the lower snout of the Columbia Glacier.

This one was taken on left base for my home airport, 7KA.

Lastly, I shot this
view of Knight Island from the right seat of a Navajo. I think the light appears the way it does because it was shot round about 2pm in the afternoon sometime last January when the sun stays low on the horizon in these parts. My favorite image from last winter.

I don't have too many more PWS flying images as I'm a newly minted PP who has only owned an airplane for 6 months and I've only garnered around 120 hours for myself, but what I do have will be updated periodically here:

I'd also like to extend a thanks to all you folks out there who devote time to this forum. I'm fully intending to make a career change into this flying vocation and have spent hours reading and cogitating over the myriad opinions proffered forth here...many of them have given me ideas to better my future planning, and I also hope to avoid some of the pitfalls folks have described around here as well.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

~ Paul


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WOWW alaska is a whoooole 'nother country...great shots and it looks awesome, i wish i could fly there some day..

Welcome by the way :)



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Those are some of the best shots I've ever seen!! How cruel of you to upload them I need to explain to my fiance why we need to move to Alaska. She wont understand :(

Congratulations on your PPL, and good luck with your career change!


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The Sound is indeed a great place to live; lots of wildlife and wild scenery. 'Nother bonus is that the people who choose to give up many of society's modern advantages in order to ensconce themselves in the scenery of the Sound tend to be pretty great people too.

There are always downsides to everything, the real bummer is that there aren't many jobs around here and it is a challenge to cobble together a sustainable financial existence. Seeing the same 60 people day in and day out who are the sole denizens of your town has its disadvantages ~ especially when none of them are fellow pilots and care to talk much about flying!

Personally, I'm biding my time until my plan comes to fruition and intend to head south in order to grab CIME and CFI ratings for myself next winter. I haven't decided yet whether to make a go of relocating to ANC and continuing to fly around Alaska or joining the pack down in the contiguous states. Grass is always greener...