Primary Instructors


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I'm trying to get on as a primary instructor there (like for Private, Instrument and Commericial). I e-mailed the Chief Pilot my resume. What do you think my chances are of getting on? I have a CFI and CFII. I don't not currently live in the Central Florida area, but I'm from there and did all my training there. I'm ready to move back.
to instruct in the seneca's you have to have 1500tt and/or ATP rating and 500tt in type. i'm not sure about the 172's.
I am a student at TAB and the VP of OPs keeps saying we has a stack of instructor resumes in his office. I say become a mosquito and bug the [censored] out of him. Call every week and ask how the training department is doing, and all that stuff. A little perserverence might pay off. It did for a friend of mine who after he graduated from college with a degree in business management, he bugged the crap out of the HR dept at Publix and is now working in the marketing department with no prior marketing experience.
Any business in this profession has the proverbial 'stack of resumes'.

I instructed at a small school in San Jose, and even we had a stack of resumes! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif CFI's send out resumes in blocks of 50, shotgunned across their local airports.

Between getting out of college in 1993 and getting hired by Delta in 1998, I probably mailed/handed-out/dropped-off/etc two or three hundred resumes if not more.
I heard my resume is still in the stack, and yet we already met and decided that there was "not a match."