Previous Flight Time and FSA


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Hi everyone!

I'm a 500 hour multi-engine instrument pilot who would like to obtain my commercials (SE and ME) and CFI this summer. Can FSA tailor a program to someone who has had previous experience? In addition, what makes FSA better than a program like All ATPs, where I could get BOTH my CFI and CFII (the FSA CFI program is 10 weeks, correct?)? This is an HONEST question - I've heard great things about FSA, but I'd like some rationalization, as I'm a junior in college and like to accomplish as much as possible in my summer months.

Folks with prior time that did not fit the 141 program were training when I was there. You just train Part 61.

The CFI program at FSI is not the same breed as other programs like All Atps. The speed CFI courses out there seem to worry about getting you to pass the check ride. The program at FSI is genuinely geared toward getting you to be a good instructor/teacher and really understanding the material you are teaching as well as how to teach it (not just banging through the FOI and calling it good). I can’t say anything else about the ATP's option, but my chief pilot chucks any resume he gets with the quickie CFI right in the circular file.

I don’t know what it is like there now, but when I did my CFI in summer of 2001 it took me about 8 weeks and it was the hardest and best part of the program.