Pretty Please Doug!


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Recently there has been a lot of activity in the Corporate section thanks to a Net Jets pilot. If he is willing maybe he can add a perspectives section on his career with NJA and how he made it etc. I know there is a corporate section with a day in the life but NJA is more like an airline in many ways so this will be a fresh new story. It seems there are quite a few posters who like the corporate sector better!
It is really up to the gentleman you want to write the section. Jetcareers is always looking for new perspectives (as well as ideas) and I am sure Doug will be more the happy to make this addition if the user is willing and able to find the time to sit down and produce an article.
If he writes one, I'll put it up.

There is some new content ready to go, but it's trapped on a failing laptop hard drive which is in the process of being resolved.
Ooh ooh! New Content!

Any clues on what it is Doug?
It's two more "in the sky" submissions!

But my laptop crapped out so everything is on hold until I can determine how to say, "Look, no more tests, I KNOW FOR SURE that my hard drive is failing. Send me a replacement!" in Hindi (Dell's tech support is in India I think).