Presenting myself!


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Hello everyone!

This is my first day @ jetcareers and finding truly worthy. I'm from Argentina (hope you know where it is:)), I'm a Comm pilot and getting myself into the industry!!
I look forward making good ol' friends around!!


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Hey..........welcome! So what's it like flying in Argentina? My dad lives in Brazil and I've always wanted to fly in South America.


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¡¡Bienvenidos!! Jetcareers es el mejor lugar!! Usted se divertirá aqui.

Hahh I'm a bit rusty on spanish, but someday I will be fluent.

Welcome and enjoy!



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jajajaja! (that's our lol down here...).
Ok, I will say that flying in Argentina is a truly enjoyable experience; specially in special landscapes (like all over the world). But there aren't too many airports or aerodromes (comparing to the states), so controlled airspaces are in the short side.
This can be grateful for free-flight lovers, but if you fly a, say, Seneca for taxi, it would be difficult to accomplish Inst flying in lots of places (like Patagonia), where you can find 360nm between VOR's (radars don't exist except in Buenos Aires). But it's OK, we can't complain.

And the free-flight down in Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia, anyone?) is amazing, I should post some pics.


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jejeje es what i usually use cuando yo hablo con mis amigos mexicanos.

me gusta spanglish too lol

lo siento that im not using accents where they need to takes too long to find them and put them in.

and i would love to see some pics of argentina.