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I had been taking Oxycodone because of pain after a surgery on my leg a few years ago. The doc said the pain may never go away. I started taking 15mg 5 times a day. Most recently I had taken 2.5 mg (have to cut the 5mg tablets in half, 3 times a day. I realized when I started getting the urge to fly I needed to get off them completely which I did. So what do I need from my regular doctor to show I was not dependent on them for the AME?

I am presently taking gabapentin and if my insurance will pay for it a fairly new drug called Otezla for psoratic arthritis. (believe it or not 60 pills for a month is about 3,500.00 without insurance.

Will either of these be a deal killer for my 3rd class physical?

Hi InternetJoe,

A few issues here:

Is this your first FAA application or have you applied before?

You are correct that you can not take opioid medication and fly. However, the reason you were taking them (post surgical pain) seems reasonable. If you have discontinued them you do not need to report the medication. If you are tapering them you need to list the meds and will be advised not to fly when taking them. Is there an issue of dependence here? If not then no need to prove you aren't dependent on them. If you are then that's a different can of worms.

You do however need to report the leg pain and whatever surgical procedure was required. The AME will need to determine if the problem limits your ability to fly an airplane. This will involve reflex testing, strength testing, and a review of whatever you report.

Unfortunately Gabapentin is also a prohibited medication, you will need to discontinue it before seeking regular medical issuance.

Finally, the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis will require special issuance granted by the FAA. Take all of your rheumtology reports with you to the AME visit.

Best Regards,

Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA Designated AME