Pre-made CFI lesson plans?


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I will be going through ATP's 14-day CFI course soon, and am anxious to get all the lesson plans done beforehand, as they require. They provide us with a set of lesson objectives, but we must create FAA-format lesson plans (objectives, schedule, equipment, instructor actions, student actions, etc) from these for the checkride. I have seen a book called the "Flight Instructors Lesson Plan Handbook" that has pre-made lesson plans, per the FAA spec, and referenced to the appropriate PTS or FAA publication. Has anyone used this book, and what do you think? Given limited prep time, I would rather spend time preparing to teach a lesson than spend all the time creating the lessons.
Hey, go look up this website...

These are lesson plans and they actually cover most of the CFI PTS. I used these for my lesson plans. I had to revise some of them
but they were great for getting me started.
I went through each one, made any changes and corrected a few mistakes and printed them all out for my lesson plan binder.
none of the lesson plan links work... at least when i just tried it. I did like the organization of it though...
Hey, I just tried linking to them too and they didnt work. Try this....go to the bottom of the page and go back to his main page.
Then click the link to lesson plans and then click on CFI. They linked after I did this.