PRC Riddle Reminesce


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Hey you Prescott Eagles, I've got a couple questions for you.

My HS had band camp on the Riddle campus several summers in a row back in 1996 to 1999. We stayed in the old dorms on the east side of the campus near the highway.

Have any of you seen the new dorms they've built on the south side near the football field? Damn they're nice. Anyway, I also appreciated the new cafeteria building they build around 1996. I have fond memories of walking from the old dorms to dinner and walking back and forth from the football fields to the dorms. We'd practice in your "hangar" near the football field when it rained. We'd see model airplanes flying near some tall lights SW of the field when practicing. A pretty desolate campus.

Where was the airport relative to the campus? I never saw small aircraft flying... did you have to drive to the airport from campus? Is the place pretty much empty during the summer? I never saw very many students.

Thanks for any updates or memories of the Prescott campus. I had a great time there hanging with friends. Ah, to be in carefree high school once again.

Here's some memories for you....

The "old" dorms were the "new" dorms when I was there in 1981. Back then, the old dorms were in the middle of campus and were some of those classroom buildings that have like four classrooms per building kinda in a circle...those used to be the dorms. The whole damn place used to be a liberal arts college called Prescott College...didn't last long and then ERAU bought them out. There was no "gym"...if we wanted to play basketball, it was outside. We flew Grumman know what that is??? No doors...a sliding canopy to get in and out. The flight team (NIFA) had no real support from the school...we had to rent the planes ourselves to get them to Bakersfield for regionals.

Some things never change. The campus seemed desolate back then, too. The airport is about a five minute drive away but back then didn't have a tower.

We flew Grumman know what that is???

[/ QUOTE ]

Wayyyyyyy awesome airplane!!! I'll take that over a Skyhawk anyday!!!
>>We flew Grumman know what that is???<<

The ones built by the Wright Brothers? Just pulling your chain Don, we know you are old but not THAT old!!
Grumman Tigers? My chem professor in college flew a Grumman Cheetah. My avatar is me in the Cheetah... sweet plane. Felt like a miniature fighter with the sliding canopy. Well, almost. Covertible flying!
I had some time in a Grumman AA-1B. I can verify that it felt like a fighter. In fact, the one that I flew had been previously owned by an F4 pilot who painted it like his Phantom, camo with USAF markings.
It really turned heads on the ramp!

In one of my first commercial aviation undertakings, I delivered it to its new owner in MLB when the FBO sold the plane.