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To all you CFIs out there, do any of you use power point for your lesson plans. I am currently working on my instructor ratings and it seems to me that putting them on power point and teaching from that would be easier. Perhaps its just a matter of opinion, but any thoughts yea or nay would be appreciated.
I did not use Powerpoint for my lesson plans, but have used it a lot in my past jobs. I think it is a great tool in terms of organization because you can always re-arrange the order of what your doing (ie: this would be cumbersome in MS Word), plus it is easy to make your plans a 'work in progress' that improves over time.

On the nay side, I could imagine becoming distracted by the graphical and/or technical aspects of putting together a lesson plan this way. You might be able to find something on the net that already exists you could get ideas from.