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Hey CMartin did you find out the answer to Broadband availability? I will be moving to Vero/Ft Pierce this week to attend Ari and was wondering the same thing. I wont be staying in the school housing though. How do you find out by just knowing the zip code?
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Dont have a specific place yet...Ive got a dog and alot of junk so staying at ARIs housing is not an option. Just going to show up in town with a uhaul and go from there. Was in VB/FT P touring all the schools in October and found a few good housing prospects. The Pines looked good and so did Canturbury Place. They are close to the community fitness center (only $20 a month) and accept pets. Also have a 9 month flight student lease. Yes I do have my private and will be using VA Bennies. I cant wait to get started as its taken a few months to get my financing worked out. Finally got approved! Hell Ya

Will send you a PM
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There are some students currently looking for roommates at the Aviator. Call the 800 # @ 1-800-635-9032. Dispatch (Jason-mornings or Scott-aft can probably get you contact info.


PM me with your arrival date and telephone number where you can be reached at and I will pass it on…..

There is a plethora of housing available here in FPR/VRB. If you stay temporarily in the provided apartments, you can look for something else as you train. Many people do this.

I live in VRB which is a lot nicer than FPR. I regularly see houses for rent on the island for $800-900/month. Split with 1 or two roomates, and you've got yourself a nice pad within 2 minutes walking distance to the beach.

I will ask about the broadband.
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HOw many students are there at Ari Ben?

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I live on about a 2 mile final to 29L (VRB) on Indian River Blvd. Yes, my wife and kids are here too.

How many students?? I am not sure of an exact number, and therefore do not want to venture a guess. Call the school if it is important to you.