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Re: Useless $1000.00 Backpack for Sale

I believe the word you were looking for is BAWLS...or as we say here adjacent to the Mexican border, cajones.
Re: Useless $1000.00 Backpack for Sale

Do you make it a habit of signing for flight instruction, paying a non-refundable deposit, and then wanting your money back? Do us a favor an complain on some other forum like "Complainers' Anonymous" or "Cry-Baby Chat Board." Good grief.
Re: Useless $1000.00 Backpack for Sale

Did you not get every book, PTS, oral exam guide, jepp instrument book, Pa44 poh, Gleim prep books for 5 writtens and like 3 books for CFI stuff also with that $1000? I'm pretty sure those books wouldn't be free it you just walked into an FBO and asked for them. All those books are included in the price of the program and when you put down the deposit they send you everything you need to study. I bet if you think real hard those shirts and backpack came with a huge box of books!
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Hey - anybody know where I could get an ATP backpack and T-shirts (size large)???


(sorry CMartin - had to do it).
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If you're serious, I'll take the shirts off your hands.
Talked to someone in ATL today, and I think I'll be attending in the fall.

I wouldn't mind a few extras (I'm rather laundry-averse).

I can send you a check for postage, if you like.
Re: Useless $1000.00 Backpack for Sale

Yo C, I was just kidding about the nerve comment. Check the post. I could care less.