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Re: Gil, I was unable to reply. Something wrong with the PM.

My email is :
We can do our private messaging there.
Im going to attend riverside. And actually today I am going to deposit the $1000. So Ill get the books next week probobly.
I have a problem with the x/c problems they give.
They are a bit difficult to understand. I hope its just that the book im using is old and doesnt know to explain

I got the holding pattern entries I think, except using the ADF.
That is a bit complicated.
Other than that, I need to read through again the 3 fundamentals of instrument flying and also the main and supporting instruments part.
Yesterday I did a X/C half at night took me 2.2 hours.
And I have 10 more to go to complete my X/C requirements.
For thanks giving im flying with my girlfreind to San Fransisco about 3.5 hours each way, so ill have after that another 4 to go and ill be done hopefulliy in a week or so. I have the money saved so its no factor

Anyways, Ill be waiting for your email and we can exchange thoughts and give advice to eachother on how to study the material.
I have a nice acronym for you to remember the Higher than actuall illusions

Email me.