Possible long ferry job. Suggestions?


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I may get a job to move a plane from Mississippi back to my home airport here for someone that just bought. May delay my training for CFI, but think it'd be fun to do a real cross country.

I've not flown outside of Cali, so no idea what the southwest is like. In a glance I figure there would be a stop in maybe Texas and Arizona and SoCal maybe. Depending on how things lay out and all. No idea even the distance between airports out there, but I assume they are not as common as here in CA, where there tends to be a field ever 10-20miles wherever you go almost.

Looks like it would end up somewhere between 1600 and 2000 miles depending on the route.

Plane is a Cherokee 6, so about 130kts true, about 5hrs on full, so about 600miles per leg if there wasn't any winds or anything.

Suggestions of good stops along this type of route? Typical weather this time of year? (saw some strong winds in Texas yesterday on the news). Good long distance planning tools? Looks like half dozen VFR sectionals, and a few IFR enroute charts, and a number of approach charts.

I'm thinking I'll say like 25 or 30 per flight hour, plus expenses.


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When we use ferry pilots, they usually charge 25-35 per hour for flights that involve relocating planes, taking them to the avionics shop, paint shop, etc...

For delivery flights (which is what you are doing) they generally charge $250 per day plus expenses.

Make sure that you keep all receipts and that he will pay for your expenses (this includes necessary charts and afd's, you wouldn't have bought these except for this trip). Also, make sure that he is paying your airfare out to pick up the plane.

Make sure that you are insured on his policy for this flight. Get something in writing from the insurance company.

And, most importantly, don't feel pressured to complete the flight according to his schedule. Give the plane a thorough (and I mean thorough) pre-flight. Remove the upper cowl on the cherokee 6, check all hoses and connections. Make sure that it is reinstalled properly, Cherokee 6's have 2 pins in the front of the cowl that fit into holes in the lower cowl. If these are not installed properly you could lose the cowl in flight which wouldn't be good. Make sure that the aircraft is airworthy and in annual, that it has a current IFR certification if you will be filing IFR for your flight. Make sure all inspections are complete. Do a thorough run-up. And, if everything is not to your satisfaction, don't go.

And finally, if it all works out. Enjoy yourself and have a great flight.


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Don't think there is too much pressure to rush this one. I have them checking on insurance, that was my first thought on it. Talk was maybe not til after first of the year even. It must be IFR current, or I won't do it this time of year. Was going to offer a per flight hour plus expenses, or flat fee option. Would figure the flat fee on about $350 a day (plus the flight out there on both of course), giving $100 a day for expenses (or more if I am cheap
). I think they'd go for the hourly thing, and I'd prefer that as well if there is no push to get it done fast. Most it may cost them is an extra stay somewhere if weather was a problem. Will do a good preflight of course.

No one has any suggestions for favorite airports in the SW huh?


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There are just two many to mention.

But, If you start out in the Hattysburg area, then. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU LIKE

Hattysburg - Waco 550 mi aprox.

Waco - Midland 350 mi aprox Confederate AF

Midland - Phoenix 700 mi aprox Say hi and thanks for all of us

Phoenix - Flagstaff 150 mi aprox just because it's beautifull

Flagstaff - Santa Crud 750 mi aprox just because you have to.

You asked I deliver.


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Not sure exactly where it is back in MS, but somewhere back there.

Think those 700mile hops are pushing it a bit. Anyhow, going on the distance, I see it as about 3 days, best case. Are airports fairly close if I had to modify something. In CA, I don't think you can go anywhere without being within 10-20miles of an airport in some direction. Is it like that across, the south and southwest as well, or just stuff around the larger cities?

Was that Santa Crud on purpose, or did you really mean Santa Cruz? It is actually quite nice here. Sure, some of the people are crazy, but:

Here is one a friend took one day out flyin'. My house is about middle of the picture. It is about 10 miles to the closest airport though...