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well guys and gals i know that this is only my second post and i dont know any of you yet but i need to get my frustrations out. im a student pilot in new york and a freshman at the college of aeronautics. ive only logged about 15 hours of training and i was scheduled to solo tomorrow unfortunately because of one of my very stupid friends (also student pilot) who found it necessary to try and fly his car i got into a car accident and am pretty much unable to do anything.. well there goes this semester of school and my hopes of getting my ppl by may ... im probably gonna have to do everything over again as far as my flight training is concerned as my cfi stressed how important repetition is.. as i sit here and watch the planes go over my house i will just look skyward and know that my chance will come again one day.. wish me luck on my recovery....thank you

Shoot thats horrible man, hope you get better quickly. Mind if I ask what your friend was doin in terms of trying to fly his car?
no just suing........(chuckle chuckle) ill buy my own 172 when im finished with him
RABIRZA - First - glad you and all involved are okay (all ARE okay, right?) - i.e. NOT DEAD!!

That said:

Your "friend" is an idiot and you were'nt so bright for getting in the car with him. Was alcohol involved? Either way - not smart and NOT funny!

You are lucky to even be capable of typing on a computer after crashing a car at 90 mph (I know - your "friend" crashed it, but it didn't sound like you tried to stop him either).

I see that you are pursuing the great American way and suing instead of owning up to YOUR responsibilities... way to go. [that was sarcasm, btw].

You'll get no pity from me. Chances are, this was not the first time you've ridden with the jackass when he's been speeding. This is just the first time it went horribly wrong.

Learn to pick better/smarter friends.

Just my $0.02.

Glad to see your ok ... hope your recovery goes well.. could always use the time to do alot of reading and studying up !!
R2F has a very legitimate point....feeling sorry for your self (see title "poor me")....and trying to get pity from us is not going to get you anywhere as a pilot.

All said...its good everyone is okay...

Not thouroughly impressed,

ok let me clarify things a little more the term friend was not the correct term classmate would be better and as a matter of fact it was the first time i was in the car with him i think the term he used before crashing was lets see what this car can do.
fortunately there were no fatalaties in the accident and no there was no alcohol involved . we had just gotten out of class heading to get some food thats the complete and revised story had i known my "classmate" was going to drive recklessly i would not have gotten into the car
as for the typing thing point and peck with the left hand would be the method i am using kind of frustrating actually.. not looking for pity i probably should have used a differnet post topic .just needed to get my frustrations out as no one i associate with knows what it feels like to have the "BUG"
i appreciate your get well wishes
Welcome to the club of life and career of frustrations.

Broke my back in more than three places right before I was to start my PPL and then the military told me nope. Bummers happen.
i live in sheepshead bay 747 where are you?

[/ QUOTE ]

I live in borogh park. Theres a good flight school in sheepshead bay. Its called brooklyn aviation.
Hey there fellow New Yorkers, hey 747, do you know what field BK Aviation uses? and is that your FBO? Coincidentally, I'm looking for an FBO around here. If I can stay local, I would rather do that then go out to Jersey, or Long Island. I used to live in marine park so I know the area quite well.

Oh, Rabir, I hope you get better bro.