Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.
I just want you all to know that my long and no doubt mostly fruitless job search started right here on jetcareers.

Multi/Comm/Instrument/ATP Written complete in the next week or two unless I prove to be a complete idiot, ~4500TT/~1200MTPIC (mu-2)/~1800multi/~3200 Part 135 (all single pilot). Available immediately (don't take that too literally...available "soon" is more the mark), willing to relocate, have gun will travel, etc etc.
Man, that just sucks!
My point is that: if Boris got canned, who's next?
You'll have a yob, before you want even want one, I predict.

POOPCANNED would make a terrible subject line for emails to HR...
Just kidding of course, I know you would use more offensive language. :D

Example: "Doooooomed Jockey with huge gun, looking for the perfect KILL"

My eyes and ears are wide open, but you won't be oow for long.
Good luck!