Poolies getting called


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Heads Up everyone! The poolie list is shrinking. Those who interviewed on July 24, 02 have begun getting called! Head over to mesalounge.com to see a copy of the list etc.
Yeah it feels good that things are finally moving again and the pool is drying up! I'm feeling more optimistic about MAPD, but then again who the hell knows what will be going on in four years.
Groundschool is going well. Since MAPD thrives on vitamin R here are some rumors out of the mighty flatlands of Kansas.

Staffing is supershort and flights getting canceled daily. Philly is being shut down with Ithaca and Grotton but everyone bid over to the jet. After this fo groundschool there will be a ca upgrade, then a fo groundschool, followed by a ca upgrade, through infinity and beyond. If EAS flying happens Mesa has parked 1900s they will put back in service to replace those leased ones being returned at the end of the year. AMW is the place to be; as senior caps go to the jet, fo's upgrade to caps and life is good. As soon as we finish the sim it's straight to IOE and straight to the line to fly, fly, and fly!

Anyways just some of the things being heard. DO not take any of this for anything other than vitamin R, the big fat rumor pill that it is but it is nice to hear something other than doom and gloom.

Cheers everyone!