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I'm a captain who have recently been grounded by the FAA because my health was in question because I returned to the airport shortly after take off because my heart started racing and I felt sick. I did a full cardiovascular exam, blood/urine tests and everything came back with no problems. Since there was no question about my health the FAA requested a full psycological exam. With no guidance on what this entailed I went to a psychologist referred to me by a non AME doctor. When I told him what had happened it was very obvious that he was not comfortable evaluating me because of the liability but he did anyway. I saw him twice and on the second visit he recommended me to go take the standard psych tests for anxiety and depression. The day after I took the tests I called to see what the results were and he blew a gasket and said I was to pushy and that he didn't like to be hurried. He then said that he was recommending 3 months of therapy and medication REGAURDLESS of my test results. WHAT!!!???***%%$##@@ I guess worrying about your carreer and missing a moth's pay is no big deal for most people. I don't have anxiety and I never have had it before so I completley disagreed with him. I called my AME and begged him for help. He lined me up with a psychiatrist who has been working with the FAA since 1983. I went to the appointment and took all the same tests the other doctor gave me and passed with flying colors. He was very thurough and after all the tests and questions His diagnosis was that I had Caffein intoxication. I rarley drink coffee or soda and that day before my flight I decided to do a double shot of expresso at starbucks on an empty stomach. BAD IDEA! My question is this; The FAA recommended doctor said he needed all of the other psychiatrists records on me because by law I have to disclose this. The other doctor concluded that I had some anxiety. So, where do I go from here? Will the FAA take their own recommended psychologist's conclusuin over another NON FAA afiliated psychologist who has never dealt with airline pilots? How are they going to look at this? I havent flown in a month and this is so frusterating because I feel totally fine and do not have anxiety at all!

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Give copies of all the psychologist's records to the psychiatrist and let him write the letter. He should be able to explain everything to their satisfaction and he seems to be an advocate for you.

LESSON: When you need a referral, get an AME to do it so you can get to someone who knows (or is informed by the AME) of the FAA's requirements.