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and jim just told me on the phone that they are getting another jet. an even nicer one.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ooh, wonder what kind?

The 501 is a nice bird as it is... Wonder if people will get any time in the new jet


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They are going to use the new jet as part of a jet club. You can basically purchase time and then fly it yourself and log the time as PIC.....of course you have to be typed.


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Well, the thing is, it's a Citation X for the sole purpose of doing high-speed tours of Sheboygan and the greater western shore area.

It is a stroke of genius- dairy country at .9 Mach PLUS!


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Well, it all started about 33 years ago when a cocky state-champ wrestler from NJ met an innocent, doe-eyed hayseed from Nowheresville, KS.

Regrettably, not much has happened since.

I am flying quite a bit, though. When the hell are you getting your tickets (if you haven't already)?