plane crashes happen in 3's


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plane crashes happen in 3\'s

My girlfriend, who is very knowledgable about the aviation/airline industry, pointed out to me that airplane crashes always happen in 3's. By this i mean that when one plane goes down then two more always follow in the next couple days. At first i just thought she was crazy or whatever but it hit me recently that she is right on the money.

Last january there were the 3 crashes within two days when the USair beech 1900 went down in CLT, two more went down right after that.

Last summer when there was the midair over europe with the DHL 757 and the russian plane there was another crash the next day.

a few days ago that US gov plane went down in south america, yesterday it was the Iranian plane that went down and today some guy bit it down in the FL keys.

Has anyone else noticed this?

And yes she is a keeper!
Re: plane crashes happen in 3\'s

The there was the person who linked the date and the flight number together with crashed aircraft. I think TWA 800 went down on July 17 if you add the flight number up and the days up, they both equal 8. SwissAir 111 crash on Sept 2 was something like 1 x 11 then 9+2.

I think it is probability of numbers however it is something to play with. My next flight is off by 1 PHEW!
Re: plane crashes happen in 3\'s

Yeah the rule of 3 stands pretty firm. But don't forget there are crashes/accidents virtually every week that you don't hear about. There have been 2 in this area in the last week but they barely made the local news and with the blizzard as the top news stories neither of them made the national news.

Re: plane crashes happen in 3\'s

I tell you what I am very proud of my school's safetey record, but almost every week I see a story on the news about a local plane crash. I guess it might be because florida has so much air traffic or i moved down in a unlucky time for small aircrafts. Has any other floridians noticed this?
Re: plane crashes happen in 3\'s

I just got back, took a day trip down to Marathon(Fl. keys). Landed about 1 p.m. I guess (never know till all facts are out) the guy put it in the drink moments before we landed, didn't hear him call for help. Two helicopters took off as we got out to go search. Someone said a v-tail bonanza. Who knows though.