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I think each person has to consider their age, too, when deciding what is best for them. If you're younger (maybe 30-35 and less?) and have the time, I think working your current job, trainining part-time at a local FBO, and then instructing part-time to build hours is the best way to go. If you are older than that, however, (like me!) you have to consider how much time it's going to take to get to where you want to be. You may find that you don't have enough years left until retirement to do it. In such a case, if being a full-time professional pilot is really what you want to do, you may find that training full-time at a pilot mill with a bridge program, or attending accelerated training and instructing full-time is the way to go. Just something else to consider.


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Hey Carlos,

I agree with you time and age does play a big factor in all this. Younger guys/gals probably aren't used to living a certain lifestyle and having things that someone in their 30's would have. But someone with a professional career and house etc would probably be in for a shock by going off to a mill. My Flight instructor turned 40 this year and still plans to fly for an airline someday.

But then again it comes down to how badly one wants to fly, and what they are willing to sacrifice. I guess it's the dilemma most of us wannabe pilots on this board face.


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Stardog, is that you Andy! Are you still flying for Ameriflight? You should spend some more time here and post w/ all your experience...

I've been thinking hard about ATP. It would really be perfect for me, less expensive than other schools, fast, don't have to deal with housing, lots of multi, experience is good b/c you literally fly x-country, don't spend a lifetime in ground school etc.

I've also been thinking about moving over to Hillsboro from Twin Oaks...


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think each person has to consider their age, too, when deciding what is best for them.

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That is a valid point. Remember that the Age 60 rule still applies.

Another student of mine (who is now upgrading to CRJ 70 seater captain at ASA) kept working his job, instructed part time, and bought a used twin with a partner to build multi time. When he got the time, he sold the twin.