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I was wondering if any of you would be willing to relate your experience with acclerated IR programs. Specifically, tell me what you thought of getting your rating at:

Field Morey's IFR Adventure

Hawaii Flight Academy's 14 day program (formerly Sporty's Academy Hawaii)

FSI's program


American Flyers


Cost isn't as important to me as thoroughness, integrity, and quality.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
It's not the school; it's the instructor. The school is a non issue as long as the planes are safe and well maintained for a reasonable cost. Just my opinion anyways.
It's not the school; it's the instructor.

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I second that. I had the unfortunate experience of .... experiencing
... that very scenario first hand.

The instructor I had for my PPL turned out to be a HORRIBLE instrument instructor. For some reason, he just could not teach and wound up yelling in the cockpit.

For that very reason, I ended up wasting 3 months and a coupld grand to basically start over with a new CFI (and at a new FBO).

It's a long, sorted story, but the long and the short of it is:

The school/FBO/place where you get your IR makes no difference. Your instructor does.

Good luck!

The school/FBO/place where you get your IR makes no difference. Your instructor does.

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I understand what you're saying, but I disagree that the school makes no difference.

First of all, I'm trying to see if an accelerated program makes sense for me. Secondly, these schools seem to have fundamentally different, standardized approaches to teaching the IR. Sure, if I get a bad instructor, I'm up a creek, but schools definitely have their own peculiar "climates," and I'm interested to see if anyone has any comments on those I've listed.

But thanks for reminding me that the instructor has to come first.
I think the culture of the flight school is important as that sets the tone and the way the operation is run, however I think the instructor does make the real difference. That is why I am waiting for Ed to get his II will I get my instrument.

Hey Ed maybe we have a deal. If I pay for your II instruction will you give me free instruction on my instrument.
FSI has a quality program (I teach it!)

That said If you have a chance I would highly recomend Field Morrey's IFR adventures. He is a legend as an IFR instructor. As a CFII I would love to take the out west trip just to fly with the guy.
I started out at Oklahoma State University's flight program, and one thing that I didn't like at all was the avialibility of the airplanes. I ended up flying all of my x-countries on the weekends, and was barely able to get a plane for 3 hours. The planes weren't very nice either (old 152's for $70/hr.) I did end up with a good instructor though. Now I'm flying part 61 at Manhattan, KS while getting a business degree at Kansas State University.

Our planes rent just went up the week $5/hr due to insurance rise. The wet rates are now...
C152 $35/hr
2 C172 $52
C182 $68
Piper Arrow $70

The extra $5/hr hurts, but I'm still paying a lot less than most!!!
Wow...those are really cheap rates...I wouldn't complain. Can anyone in the US beat $35 wet for a 152?

I've got a nice 152 aerobat I'm setting up for IFR training. It will have an engine/prop mod to up the hp and a Garmin 430 IFR GPS when I'm done. I also have an ATC610 sim and am looking for an Elite PCATD. Should be able to do an instrument rating (40 hrs) for around 3K.
Of the programs you listed, I considered the Field Morey, PIC, American Flyers and Sporty's Hawaii. Since I had access to a 182 and just had to pay for the gas, it was pretty much a no brainer for me. I went with an independent instructor and we basically followed the PIC syllabus.

You can go back and and look at my posts to get a feel for my experience. I would definitely do the accelerated route again. It is pretty intense, but fit my schedule and lifestyle the best of all options. If you do an accelerated 7-10 day course, definitely go for the 10+ day option. We did mine in basically 7-8 and it was too fast. If you want info on the instructor I used (he is from the east coast), pm me or email me.

If money isn't as much of an object as it was for me, I would do the Field Morey West Coast adventure. Everything I've read and heard about it is first rate plus you're flying a great aircraft and seeing a lot of different conditions. The cost, about $7k is about what the Sporty's Hawaii course costs.

I liked the idea of taking my family to Hawaii and training there, but it would not have been much of a vacation for me. Too many distractions. I figured I'd save the money and go back to Hawaii with the family when I did not have to study and devote myself to flying 5-8 hours a day for 12 days.

The American Flyers option in my opinion was just too expensive. They have a good reputation and the one guy who I talked to who had gone through their program had positive things to say. But for $12-14k, I knew I could get both the instrument AND commercial elsewhere and be just as well qualified.

I finished my accelerated program in February after a few glitches with partial panel on the checkride(s)
and have flown about an hour under the hood since. I feel good about my skills, but I will continue to go up with my local CFI before I tackle any hard IMC.

The key to these accelerated courses is being absolutely prepared knowledge wise before you start the course. I felt very comfortable about my knowledge for the instrument, having prepared beforehand using the King videos for the written and Gleim and PIC manual for the maneuvers. You are going to have plenty to digest flying and learning procedures during the 10 or so days, so knowing the "book stuff" cold will really help. Best of luck with your training. Sounds like from your previous posts, it would be easier to get out of the DC area. What a pain!

Wow, jholloway_1 ...are you really getting $70/hour for an Arrow? That's so awesome. I remember when I was in NC, planes were affordable too! Here in Tennessee (Nashville), the cheapest Arrow you'll run into is $120.00!!!! And they want $35/hour for the instructor so you can get checked out!!!!

That's a car note where I come from!!!!