Piper Cherokee, Cadet,Warrior,...???


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Can someone please explain the piper line of aircraft to me. There's the warrior, warrior II, I think the cadet is the same, maybe? I heard the arrow being called the cherokee arrow. Theres the pa28 140, 141,150,151, 160,161.I am stumped. Please explain or direct to some where i can find more info!
From what I understand, all PA-28's are Cherokee's. The Arrow is the PA-28R-201, so it falls in the Cherokee family. The Cadet is a 28-161 without some luxury items (baggage door, etc.). Warrior is also a 28-161. Archer is a 28-181.

Anybody know what a Dakota's # is?

Piper has a poster that has the whole family line....they're all over Vero Beach, but then hey, the factory is here. If you call them, they might hook you up! In fact, come down to Vero and tour the plant...very cool.

In addition to Chunk's info:

The Warrior II has an upgraded Lycoming O-360 engine that generates 160 HP as opposed to the 150 HP developed by the O-360 in the older Warriors. Also, the older Warriors carried a PA28-160 designation, which means they had the constant chord "Hershey Bar" wing. The PA28-161 designation shows that the newer taper wing design is used. The same concept applies to all Piper Cherokee designs right up to the Piper Saratoga,PA32R-301 (basically a Cherokee Six, PA32-300, with the tapered wing and retractable gear).

As Chunk mentioned, the Cadet is essentially a Warrior that's been stripped of some of its "extras", and was intended to be used as a trainer. The Cadet only has two side windows as opposed to three on the Warrior. Also, the Cadet comes without wheel pants, presumably to save the student the trouble of tearing them off himself on that first landing

I believe the Dakota is PA28-236...

Oh yeah, and the -160 means the 160 HP engine...older Warriors had a -150 designation for the 150 HP engine. The Dakota has a 235 HP engine...hence the -236 identifier (plus one for the tapered wing).