Pilots hired after 9/11


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Hey all I thought an interesting post would be to see how many people on this site has been hired since post 9/11. Not only for airlines persay, but any pilot job. CFIs, charter, corp., etc etc all welcome. I think it would be encouraging to hear!
I got a job instructing in Dec 2001, then I changed instructing jobs in Feb 2003. I got a job flying 1900's in March of this year in Anchorage.
Hired as a CFI in 6/02 geez..over a year already!

135 ops....King Air 200 LR24/25 (by-pass? what's that?
Hello All. Just joined the forum... might as well respond to this post as I fit the criteria. I was hired by a busy flight school in San Diego as a CFI in February of this year.

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I had what most people would think a great job prior to 9-11, I was flying as a captain on a C-550 and a BH-222UT. I wasn't happy where I was though, I felt proffessionally unappreciated, plus the money wasn't that good. When 9-11 happened I thought I was screwed and would be "stuck" where I was for a least 5 more years
I know cry you a river.

Fortunately for me, (unfortunate for the pilot that was let go), a local company which I had done some part time work for in the past had a need for a pilot. The chief pilot called, almost appologetic thinking I was happy where I was, and asked me if I would be interested in talking about going to work for him. We had lunch the next day and I accepted the job. I absolutely love the job, been there 16 mos, and know this is where I am suppose to be, it is everything I've wanted in a job. For once I was at the right place at the right time.

There are still jems of opportunity out there and I wouldn't recommend any one give up thier dream of flying for a living.
Hired by SkyWest in Feb 03, (Still waiting for a class date) with 2300TT, 350Multi, and nothing but CFI time in my logbook.