Pilot’s death blamed on his 70-pound dog


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Pilot’s death blamed on his 70-pound dog

The 2017 death of a 90-year-old pilot was likely caused by his large dog, who he often allowed to ride with him in his small plane, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said.

Jerry Naylor, who held a commercial pilot certificate for the single-engine plane, died after crashing into an Iowa cornfield in July 2017. The initial point-of-impact was about 250-ft north of the runway at Monticello Regional Airport, where he was meant to land.

The NTSB found no evidence of mechanical malfunctions or failures in the small plane. At the time, Naylor was flying with his 70- to 75-lbs dog.
The board determined in a report released Monday that “the pilot’s decision to fly with his large dog in the two-seat, light sport airplane, and the dog’s likely contact with the flight controls during landing” resulted in the Naylor’s loss of control and the “subsequent aerodynamic stall when the airplane exceeded its critical angle of attack.”
Naylor’s son told investigators that his dad routinely flew with his pooch. He noted that Naylor installed a homemade, removable plywood device meant to prevent whoever was in the passenger seat from contacting the rudder pedals during the flight.

The dog, who was not identified by name or breed, survived the crash. A witness who was practicing takeoffs and landings at the airport said he saw the dog running out of the cornfield.

First responders were able to catch the dog, who was treated for minor injuries by a local veterinarian.

Still flying at 90........that's........impressive.
Or scary... depends on how he actually was cognitively.

Only acceptable if he moved like this guy