Pilot-USA: Great Service


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I see a lot of discussion around the forums about Bose vs. Lightspeed, but wanted to mention an alternative.

A few years back, I bought a highly-used Pilot USA PA-1779-T ANR headset. Used it for most of my training and beyond, and then stopped flying. Over time, the battery stopped taking charge, the seals were old, and it was kinda beat up anyway. But for a cheap used ANR headset, I got a good deal. I called them recently about a refurb:

For $225, Pilot-USA did the following:

  • Completely refurbished the headset
  • Installed new battery and cables
  • Added in a cell phone adapter
  • Added in the auxiliary music circuit
  • Added in auto-shut-off for the ANR system
  • Gave me a new set of auxiliary cables (different phones)
  • New seals (gel style.)
It's basically a brand-new headset now, and I've got less than $500 in it total over 5 years. This headset came out before the Zulu and the Zulu 2, I believe. I was amazed at the amount of work they did and the build quality. Mostly plastic, but VERY sturdy stuff.

I don't know if the ANR is as good as the Bose or Lightspeed - I'm guessing maybe not, but on the budget I'm on, I couldn't afford to buy one of the "biggies" and refurbing this one has proved to be an EXCELLENT investment. I like the headset a lot.

Anyway - the folks at Pilot-USA are really nice, reliable, and quick to turn things around. I'm very happy with the headset. If I ever upgrade, I will definitely keep this one around as a secondary. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs ANR and is on a budget. The headset retails for $475.00 new.

Check em' out if you like: http://www.pilot-usa.com