Pilot Salaries!!

Junior, a first year FO at a REGIONAL AIRLINE pays around $17,000/year. FO's at the Nationl/Major airlines make decent money, in the Regionals, they live right around the poverty line.
Most of those numbers are a lot higher than I figured.

So is "Max Capt Largest" around 15 years of seniority or more?
Yep, that sounds accurate. Most people wouldn't complain about captains making six figures if they found out how long a pilot lived at the poverty level to become a captain.
Don't think those reflect the pay cuts pilots have had to take recently. Take off 30% or so from some of the airlines. And that really big number in the 8th column isn't your average pilot.
Check out fracstats.com

You'll probably find what you're looking for there.
Fracstats.com is outdated and somewhat misleading unless you understand the nuiances of the pay systems at each of the different companies.