Pilot rescued from ocean


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From CNN.com:
HONOLULU, Hawaii (AP) -- A retired Coast Guard pilot whose single-engine plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean nearly 100 miles off Maui was rescued early Sunday after more than three hours in the water, officials said.

William Swears was located 94 miles north of the island and airlifted to Maui Medical Center, where he was in stable condition, Coast Guard officials said.

Swears had reported engine trouble about 9 p.m. Saturday.

After receiving a radio beacon, a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft saw the wreckage of the Canard Pusher in the water shortly after midnight. A pair of Hawaii Air National Guard F-15 fighter jets also reported seeing an oil slick.

Swears was rescued at 12:30 a.m. by the crew of a HH-65 helicopter, the same type of aircraft he operated when he was stationed at Barbers Point Air Station.

"He's in wonderful condition," Petty Officer Jennifer Johnson said.


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You would think a retired coastie helo pilot wouldn't venture "nearly 100 miles" offshore in a single engine aircraft at night.

Methiks there's something odd about that...



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Wahoo!!! I can actually answer a question instead of posting one. A.net has several pictures of "speed canards". From what I recall they are very similar. Piagio (sp?) makes a twin engine version that I think looks pretty spiffy even if it is bass ackwards. Pretty impressive that the guy lasted three hours in the drink before being rescued. Oh course, the water being warm probably didn't hurt all that much.