Pilot Performance Review


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What do some of you pilots appreciate when you go in for your annual performance review?

What are you graded by? Any suggestions on how to give critical input while motivating your employees at your company? Is your performance review usually done verbally or on some kind of paper trail that is reviewed every so often.

Im trying to get ready to do a few of them, and its a lot easier to be the other end!
Criteria (besides pilot ratings and hours) that you used to hire these folks is a good start. Always put the review on paper. Come up with your criteria and rating for everyone before starting the review.

Make it a point to highlight their successes, like reading a glowing customer satisfaction survey. Have an honest talk about future goals and plans, while being open to the idea that your employees' plans may take them away from your organization.

If a certain employee isn't performing well, this should not be the avenue to bring that out. You should already have discussed (and documented) your employee's negative performance. There shouldn't be any surprises in the review. A good way to turn an employee off from your organization is to slam her on your annual when she didn't know it was coming.

Finally, close it off with how to improve for next year. Discuss how you can help with both improvement and future goals.