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JSFirm Pilot - Light Aircraft

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Aero Kinetics Denton, Texas:
Aero Kinetics- An Aircraft Operations Company is seeking a Pilot for Part 91 operations with predictable scheduling. Opportunity for advancement for employee’s who excel, and company paid training. Competitive compensation is available for those who qualify.

Overview of Position Responsibilities:

As a Pilot in light aircraft for the company you will be expected, at a minimum, to undertake the following responsibilities:
  • Work with administrative personnel to ensure proper scheduling and dispatch of aircraft.
  • Be capable of operating on an ON-CALL basis during scheduled duty-days five days per week.
  • Conduct all flight operations in a safe & efficient manner per the FAR’s & flight operations manuals.
  • Be able and willing to meet the highest level of professional expectations and standards Be capable of and proficient in advanced piloting skills.
  • Have the capacity to work through a variety of challenges and changing elements throughout a daily routine.
  • Be comfortable operating in single pilot configuration under various meteorological conditions Posses strong decision making skills.
  • Be able to asses potential flying risks and mitigate as necessary.
  • Operate in a safe manner and be capable of considering safety as a critical decision point.
  • Posses good judgment.
  • Demonstrate good customer service skills.
  • Be capable of communicating to clients and administration in a professional manner.
  • Be willing to sign an employment agreement with confidentiality provisions.

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