JSFirm Pilot - First Officer

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Piedmont Airlines, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
The US Airways Flight Officer Recruiting and Hiring Process is designed to attract and employ pilots who embody the highest degree of technical competence, professionalism, and customer service. US Airways recruits and hires First Officers who have the necessary traits to become Captains.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
A US Airways First Officer is expected to act as a team member whose primary focus is the shared duties and responsibilities required for safe and efficient conduct of US Airways flight operations. The ability to function in a crew environment, apply threat and error management principles, and demonstrate sound judgment and effective decision making skills in a dynamic environment are key traits of a US Airways First Officer candidate. As a First Officer, you are second-in-command of the aircraft, responsible to the Captain, while also supporting the cabin crew and our passengers. In addition to the traits listed above, other principal duties and responsibilities are:

  • Act, at all times, in the best interests of US Airways and its customers while following our operational priorities of: Safety, Passenger Comfort, Efficiency, Schedule.
  • Know and apply US Airways threat and error management techniques
  • Act as team member, coordinating as necessary between the flight deck, passengers, and the cabin crew.
  • Coordinate with US Airways customer service (gate agents) as required.
  • Interface with US Airways maintenance technicians, as necessary
  • Fly the aircraft when designated as pilot flying.
  • Monitor the aircraft, the pilot flying, autopilot and flight management computer inputs when designated as pilot monitoring.
  • Aid in the decision making process in support of any of the activities listed above, or as may arise during a flight.

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