Pilot Cap


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I wasn't sure if this would be the right forum to put this in but I need help. I'm looking for a pilot's cap to complete my Halloween costume and all the one's I've found so far are really cheesy looking obvious halloween costumes. Anyone know where I can find REAL caps at? I remember seeing some site for professional pilot accessories such as this but I have no clue what the link is.


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Cheap alternative....

Go to the Army Surplus and by a dress hat...Pin some wings on it and there ya go

I dressed up as a pilot when I was about 7...those were the days


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I wonder how many pilots actually hate having to carry that hat.

I heard stories about the early Mesa days when only the USAir Express guys had hats, and all the UAEx and AWEx (who flew for the Mountain West division) wanted hats.

I have left my hat in more aircraft than I can think of. Why would anyone would be JEALOUS of someone with a pilot hat?

They are useless!


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Hats are now optional for SkyWest and about 90% of us don't wear them! I think they do project a professional image, but I'm willing to sacrifice a little of that for comfort an not worrying about leaving it somewhere!