PHX Area: Food, Beer, BS - Part Deaux


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Well, with the not-so outstanding success of the last (it was fun but I think w can do better than three folks) try I thought I'd poke and prod ya'll again and see who might be interested in doing this again.

Date, time, place is all we gotta figure out so start hashing it out.
I've got recurrent this weekend, and heading out of the area next week for seven days so I'm out! But of course it depends on what days you guys are planning on.
Well I'm brushing up for my IA this weekend, next weekend I actually re-take the darned thing so I was thinking the following week sometime.

But I'm pretty flexible, especially considering I'm done with my college classes (it looks like "forever") here next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey.. what about a Socal meetup? Or maybe we can all meet somewhere equidistant, like Palm Springs..

(hey remember this?)