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11.8 006.jpg
11.8 005.jpg
11.8 004.jpg
11.8 003.jpg
11.8 002.jpg
11.8 001.jpg
11.8 011.jpg
11.8 007.jpg
11.8 010.jpg
11.8 009.jpg

Took these the other day...Gateway is such a diverse airport to train at, I'll keep an eye out for more great aircraft.


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Sweet pics. I never realized how skinny those tires were on the T-38!

IWA is pretty diverse. I remember seeing all sorts of planes from an F4U Corsair to the V-22 Osprey, and everything in between when I was training there. Definitely a fun place to train, and the controllers did a great job working all the different types.


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Sweet! I love SYR, everything from f16's, f15s, f18s, turboprops, RJs, Heavies, and helos have all been there.


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I enjoy flying out of IWA. You never know what your gonna see like an Allegiant MD80 on approach to paralel or like yesterday 2 harriers screaming past as my Warrior struggles to climb in the pattern.