PHL up/down training


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Anyone know how the training at PHL works. Its an up/down facility however I have heard they may split it up. I'm being sent to RTF first before tower (which is odd). So when I learn all the positions in the tracon am I D1, D2 or D3? Then they send me back to OKC for tower and back to PHL for on-the-job training? Anyone have any ideas or how other up/downs work?
I am going to CLE, which is also an up-down facility. I took a tour on Tuesday. The way they explained it to me, I will go to OKC for basics and tower training for three months and then go back to CLE for OTJ training. After I am fully rated for the tower, I will go back to OKC for radar training. They said the entire process usually takes about 2 years at that particular facility (others are faster or slower depending on the number of trainees they have, etc.). I hope this helps some. Good luck.
Sounds like they are doing things a little different from here on out. I was talking to some guys yesterday who were back at OKC for RTF. They originally came for basics & tower but only had 21 days of OJT training before they came back here.