PH Room Available 21st-23rd for pickup


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Hello everyone!

Is anyone looking for a room booked at the $99/night rate still?

I booked this long before the company told me that they prefer to just make their own reservation thru the company channels.

So basically I'm double booked at the moment.

Any interest in picking it up?

I don't want to cancel it and hurt the NJC booking discount/capacity, but would be more than happy to help someone else get in.

Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.
I'd be happy to take the 23rd off your hands for $99, if you still have it. But I'm already set for the 21st and 22nd so you may want to sell as a group. Lemme know.


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It's also a "Hollywood Hip" sized room if that makes a difference.

Open to idea of splitting it up if that would appeal to more.
Housekeeping can always service the room if anyone wants to takeover the other night.


Did you lock the doors?
I can get a double bed? Think there is a couch?
If so, I'd take the room (please) and take a$20 donation for the couch & a $40 donation
for the other bed...
Thankyou for offering, btw


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@bucksmith Not sure if there's a couch.

It was a single King booking, but maybe they can add a rollaway/check on upgrade options at checkin? Not really sure what they can workout.

But either way, i'll work with you on the price.
Just trying to manage being double booked here so that it will at least work out for someone instead of having an empty room.