PFDs required while part 91 to the Bahamas?


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I am taking a trip with some friends in a Bonanza to the Bahamas from south Florida. Where in the FARs does it say a not-for-hire small-aircraft part 91 flight is required to have approved flotation gear? Whether it’s prudent or not is another discussion.

I just can’t find where it is required for this kind of flight. Everyone I talk to says it is, but other than "Joe's website/book on how to get to/from the Bahamas and not die," I can't find specific details other than 91.205(b)(12).



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My understanding is that it's specified by Bahamanian law, so that might be somewhere to look. Although I read that in Joe's book, so sorry if I'm just being unhelpful. :buck:


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I'm pretty certain you won't find it in the FARs. However, I think the Bahamian's make you carry them.


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Of course the Primary Flight Displays need to be operational for flight, unless you have an approved MEL or they are not on the list of required equipment and the flight can be completed without undo hazard!!!!!!!!! HAHA