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Looks like that could be legit:

[FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]1/20/2009[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]pilot[/SIZE][/FONT]Dave Heinrich[FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]New York, USA[/SIZE][/FONT]
pilot: Pilot I am looking for a pilot to fly myself from Buffalo to Ithaca two to three times per week. A pilot based in the Buffalo NY area would be necessary. Hours and duties are flexible depending on the pilots other obligations and desire to do other things to further the company’s growth. This position will be available May 1 2009, if you have interest please send resume and we can discuss the details in more depth. Piston twin aircraft of the 80 – 90 vintage Thank you

Contact Information: Dave Heinrich
Contact: Dave Heinrich
Clarence, New York
Phone: 716 870 2056

No further details known.
I may be way off base, but that seems like a very very small hop to be willing to pay a pilot and cover the expenses of aircraft ownership, a twin no less.
google tells me that the gentleman owns a car dealership in each town. you'd be suprised how much time you can save in the NE if the roads don't go where you need them. the Buffalo/Ithaca trip makes sense. For example buffalo-syracuse doesn't, because I-90 does a good job.

I'm leaving town or I'd have called them already.