Pelvic calcification


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When I went for my physical on Monday, the AME requested a KUB radiograph due to my history of passing a kidney stone. The kidneys were clear, but there was a radiopacity at about the level of the iliac crest. The report came back "possible phlebolith or stone in distal ureter". I'm going for a CT scan tomorrow, but questioning the liklihood of it being a stone. I have no pain or other symptoms like when I passed the stone earlier this summer. It seems like I would have been aware of something that size, 6mm, if it were actually in the ureter.

I appreciate your opinion.

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It is most likely not a stone but they need to check with the CT or the FAA will question it.

Stones only hurt when they move or there is a complete obstruction of the ureter. It is possible to have a non-occluding stone that is not moving -- but highly unlikely.


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The calcification was not a stone, but turned out to be an area of calcification in one of the iliac arteries. I have had no symptoms from this and would consider it an incidental finding if not for the need for a Metformin special issuance. Will this raise a red flag or prevent the SI?