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I'm in the business for a new headset (non ANR) to replace my Avcomm 900. I've been recommended Peltor headsets over David Clark by several people mainly because of the comfort and resistance of the Peltor. Are any of you use or used at some point some Peltors? How did you liked it? What model was it?

Thanks for your input.
Canuck Goose
no no no stay away.... i work at a flight school and we sell both, and i see a lot, basically for every 200 peltos we send back for repair we get 1 david clark sent back, they are no good what so ever, spend 100 more and get a much better headset! ciao
A friend of mine swears by Peltors. It's all a matter of what fits your head and how careful you are with your gear.
Their ANR model is nice, 7104 I think it is. Had and instructor who had that, and checked it out. Batter is in the headset. Plug wire plugs into the headset as well, so you can take the cord off and/or replace it easy if it ever gets messed up (I've pinched one cord and cut threw it on an old headset I have from stacking things on it during storage).

Anyhow, it does clamp on well, but don't think I'd want to well the Peltor design for any extended amount of time.

For a solid, rugged, cheap headset, go ebay, and find an old DC 10-30 for around $50.

I personally like Telex. Never a problem, and they fit me right. I like to be able to adjust tension. Higher on hot days in the plane going through rough air, and turn back the tension on a long flight. Fold up nice into the corner of the flight bag. I've worn my DC a couple of times, and some old Flightcoms a friend had, as well as trying on every new heaset I see in whatever shop I go into. I'd never want to wear the DC for more than 30min.

See if where you are getting it has a loaner. And take it on a LONG flight.

Different strokes for different folks.

I have a Peltor 7004 that I've worn for about 9 years now. Good quality, lightweight, easy on the head and ears.

I recently upgraded it with one of those add-on ANR kits ( ) rather than replace it.
Well I made up my mind, I ordered the Peltor GT pro 7000. It looks great and has a 26 dB noise reduction while it only weights 12.8 Oz. And I have a good price on it.